Once upon a time, my brother Abraham and I went to the Indianapolis
Humane Society to look for a dog for Atticus to play with.  It was April of 2002
and we found a Siberian Husky mix in the puppy room named "Smoke."  Unlike
the other excited puppies in the puppy room, "Smoke" was just sitting in the
middle of his dog-jail, looking around and wondering where he was.

The attendant said that he had just arrived, so we quickly took his adoption
paper from his cage.  We were able to bring him into one of the petting rooms
and his thick fur felt like a mink coat.  We signed for him and were told that we
could pick him up after the weekend (when he could be neutered).

"Smoke" was a stupid name so I chose the name "Chewie" because I thought
that he'd grow up big, brown and furry like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  Now
that he's four years old, he's still brown and furry but he's more Ewok-sized.

That following Monday, we brought Atticus with us to the Humane Society so
that he could meet his new brother.  They told us that there was a case of
parvo in the puppy room and that we had to closely watch him for a few days
just to make sure that he didn't get sick.  I signed for him and, once an
attendant brought Chewie out, he peed on the lobby floor.

We went to the nearby Petsmart to get another dog bowl and a better leash.  
At the check-out line, Chewie almost escaped out the automatic door when he
slipped out of Mom's control.  Fortunately, there was a kid who stepped on his
leash just in time to stop him.  Chewie rode in the front passenger seat on the
ride home and Atticus kept wanting to look at him from the back seat.

Since we fenced-in the backyard (Atticus' personal "bark park"), Chewie likes
to chase the enemy-squirrels up into the trees.  The enemy-cats don't come
through the backyard anymore either; instead we see them walk along the
front path.

Chewie's now seven years-old and ready to celebrate his seventh Christmas
with us.  He misses Atticus now that he's the only dog in the house.
Chewie was only 6-months old when
he came home with us from the
Humane Society.
This photo was taken after he
ripped apart his first cardboard box.
He loves to play,
but he's a hard-chewer so his dog toys
have to be tough.
This is what Chewie looks like
when I'm on the computer
and he wants to play.
Chewie's blue tongue (typical of Chows)
stealing Atticus' pink monkey toy
guarding the front door
looking out the front window
caught sleeping illegally on the couch
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