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July 22, 2018:  newly-released Alolan Marowak
July 21, 2018:  Shiny Thunder Shock Zapdos 3-hour Event
And my first raid catch was a shiny Zapdos.
(top pic: Niantic)
July 20, 2018:  Legendary titan Registeel replaces Regice
July 19, 2018:  my first Mewtwo and EX Raid Pass (finally)
July 18, 2018:  playing in Sydney's Minecraft world
July 17, 2018:  I spy a ThinkPad in the wild
July 16, 2018:  chocolate overload
Champorado (top) rice pudding, Cocoa Pebbles cereal (middle),
and Death by Chocolate ice cream
(above & mouseover).
Mouseover above pic to see regular vs Alolan Marowak.  See
below video for its nice animation move.
July 25, 2018:  caught Tier 4 raid-exclusive Alolan Raichu
Also received my second Mewtwo EX Raid Pass invite (below)
that was triggered during the three-hour Shiny Zapdos Raid
(mouseover below) held last Saturday afternoon at Broad
Ripple Park.
July 24, 2018:  back into Sydney's Minecraft world
July 23, 2018:  evolved my first Alolan Muk...
...from an Alolan Grimer (mouseover above).
July 27, 2018:  biologic injection & my second shiny Aron
July 26, 2018:  another Body Slam Snorlax & Alolan Raichu
July 28, 2018:  3 ultrarare Lunatones & visiting Opti-Park Uno
"Ultrarare" because Lunatone is a regional that rarely spawns
and does so only between 9:00pm to 9:00am.  After five weeks
of searching, Lunatone is now my 364th newest Pokedex entry.
July 31, 2018:  first special (and regular) trades with Sam... well as our first 'Lucky Pokemon' (mouseover above).
July 30, 2018:  'mountain of fries' & Mario Happy Meal toys
July 29, 2018:  first 'Ultra Friends' level achieved