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Quicksilver by Neal  
Crusing Attitude by Heather
Ready Player One by Ernest
Station Breaker by Andrew

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August 19, 2016:  giant floating, lighted moon balloon
Created by British artist Luke Jerram.
(all pics:
August 18, 2016:  USS Discovery faithful to 1970s McQuarrie
(all pics & video: Paramount)
August 17, 2016:  more fries, glitchy game & hatched a Seel
Game glitch screen (above left) removes the lower center
pokeball, left corner avatar and level, and the radar and settings
buttons.  Restarting the game restores the controls.
August 16, 2016:  nephrology labs, new sign and a Venusaur!
August 21, 2016: boba tea, pokehunting, Whopperrito & FTWD
Mango bobas at La Chinita Poblana then some pokehunting in
Broad Ripple.  Later picked up a Whopperrito, which tasted like
a chopped-up Whopper served inside of a burrito wrap.  Fairly
large and tasty but the pickle flavor dominated everything.  Also
remembered that Fear the Walking restarts tonight as well.
(above pic: AMC)
August 20, 2016:  strong winds ahead of the line of storms
August 22, 2016:  found Cystal Pepsi today...
(above pic: Pepsi)
...and the label differs only slightly from the 1992-1993 original
(above).  The "genetic engineering" (mouseover) is new as well.
August 23, 2016:  Picked up some Choco Chip Oreo,...
...which should not be confused with similar tasting Cookies &
Creme Oreo, Cookie Dough Oreo, and S'Mores Oreo...
...or the 30-plus Oreo varieties that we've tried during the past
several years
(see below).