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Cloud Atlas: A Novel by
David Mitchell.   
World War Z: An Oral
History of the Zombie War  
by Max Brooks.
Big Red Son by David Foster
Anathem by Neal Stephen-
Quicksilver by Neal  
Crusing Attitude by Heather
Ready Player One by Ernest
Station Breaker by Andrew

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The Walking Dead  (AMC)
Fear The Walking Dead
Luther  (BBC One)
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Luke Cage  (Netflix)

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Washington Post

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political psychology
British politics & culture
intelligence studies
temporal anomalies
quantum entanglements
many-worlds interpretation
logic & epistemology
scientific methodology
skepticism (not cynicism)
mobile computing
FPS games
nonsense (not foolishness)
toys & gadgets
Googie architecture
novelty architecture
steampunk conversions
off-world technologies
dark chocolate

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Indiana University
        (B.A., Political Science)
Ball State University
        (M.A., Political Science)
Kent State University
        (Ph.D. ABD, Political Science)
If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.
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May 24, 2018:  reward Zapdos (#4) & Rock Event starts
May 23, 2018:  Costco hot dogs
May 22, 2018:  Got a recycled materials souvenir from Mom...
May 21, 2018:  rainy Chicago day trip
May 20, 2018:  brown and green foods today
May 19, 2018:  Shiny Charizard on PoGo Community Day...
May 18, 2018:  Snorlax, Wall-E, and biologic injection day
May 17, 2018:  "volcano" fries again & reward Zapdos (#3)
May 16, 2018:  in Paris this week
...and Mom's photos from the royal wedding today in Windsor.
...from her trip to Mostar, Bosnia and it's made from spent bullet
casings.  It's not unlike my other recycled art souvenir car from
the Bahamas
(below) made from a Fanta orange soda can.
May 30, 2018:  rheumatologist & new Alolan Exeguttors
May 29, 2018:  new Poke Ball Plus coming in November
(all pics: Nintendo)
May 28, 2018:  flavored water with melatonin...
...tastes like watered-down Gatorade.  Free from Kroger.
May 27, 2018:  May group picture
May 26, 2018:  new flowers and Viking SpongeBob
May 25, 2018:  mohawk VW and a hot and humid afternoon
June 2, 2018:  curly fries plush
June 1, 2018:  PoGo hunting in Artspark & biologic injection
No longer an Onix nest, Artspark is now full of Totodile.  Below
: Sydney sitting on the outdoor sculpture, "Sometimes I
Sits" today, next to Gracie sitting at the same spot two years ago.
May 31, 2018:  final reward Zapdos, funny Sydney, and labs