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February 17, 2017:  Day 1 Gen 2 captures (so far)...
...including a Kingdra evolved using the new Dragon Scale item
only available randomly off pokestops.
February 16, 2017:  Toys R Us, Costco, and...
...and later tried out with Gracie all three Big Mac variations
(below): Mac Jr., Big Mac, and Grand Mac.
February 20, 2017:  Two-menu place & PoGo hunting twice
The Asian menu and the "regular" menu IYKWIM (above right).
Caught more Gen 2 earlier
(below middle), then later met up
with Sam at Broad Ripple Park.  Finally put my own Gyarados in
a Valor gym
(bottom pics) while Sam put in his new Scyther.
February 19, 2017:  Vulpix nest and new books
A fortunate happenstance that Holliday Park became a Vulpix
nest so that I could finally evolve a (Gen 1) Ninetails
.  Also added nine new Gen 2 to my Pokedex today (below
.  Later, Sydney and Gracie picked out their new books
from the bookstore
(bottom pics).
February 18, 2017:  New-Book-and-a-Toy Day again
Actually found a baseball cap that can fit my giant head at Think-
Geek.  It also had a cool embroidered Captain America-Hydra
logo on it.  Gracie picked out a Gravity Falls cap while Sam got
the elusive Chica.  Also tried Chocolate Shamrock Shakes.
February 21, 2017:  Omron Evolv & six new Gen 2 catches
February 25, 2017:  Mexican breakfast & evolved #181
February 24, 2017:  10km egg hatch, gym, and hat cage
February 23, 2017:  Teddiursa hunt & 3 new evolves
February 22, 2017:  weird nature preserve but only 2 captures
February 26, 2017:  Artspark + Johto Region catch & evolve