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If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.
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January 16, 2018:  evolved Crawdaunt & caught my 3rd Mawile
Crawdaunt is the 311th new entry in my Pokedex.
January 18, 2018:  colorful bibimap
January 17, 2018:  all (available) Gen 3 except for Milotic
(above & mouseover graphic:
The missing include regional-exclusives Minum and Relicanth,
as well as Azurill and Wynaut who are not in-game yet.
January 20, 2018:  Community Day, first shiny & Hitmonchan!
Still designing a permanent 3D printed solution for my broken
Pokemon Go Plus clasp
(top & mouseover) but my temporary
fix appears sturdy enough.  Got my first shiny and evolved over
240K XP in a quadruple evolution during today's three-hour
Community Day event.  Also caught the elusive Hitmonchan
(below & mouseover pics) after an almost year-long search.  
Hitmonchan is the 312th new entry in my Pokedex.
January 19, 2018:  6S Plus battery replaced & Costco dogs
Still a three-hour turnaround once the battery was in stock.  Also
noticed the "Genius Grove" here is tiny compared with either
London locations.  The Kirkland hot dogs are thinner but they
taste the same than the ones served at their food counter.
January 21, 2018:  Lego Architecture Las Vegas set coming
It'll be a good match with my London Lego Architecture set that I
received last Christmas. Why they chose Mandalay Bay and the
Wynn is unusual since Paris LV, MGM, Aria, Caesars, Venetian,
High Roller, and Bellagio are all better buildings.  Luxor, Down-
town LV and a tiny Las Vegas sign are there however.
(top pic: Lego)